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★ Two Stars On The Sky ★

Wanna know who the owner of this blog is?
I don't care, I'll tell u bro...
Two words:two girls.
Liv (Kiki) and Gré (Zaki) who likes each other since their class 1st.
No u pervert,not that girlxgirl thing,they are BFF-s,means they're best friends,doesn’t matter if the world ends.
Yeah bro.
They’re from one country,from the same town.
It’s called Hungary,where u can’t trust anybody,except this two body.
Okay maybe it was a little bit strong to say,I mean I’m sure in it,but who cares,I’m just trying to introduce us a bit.
So I’m gonna make it short:
Here is this Zaki,in her real name Gré,with her pinky-blonde hair,like a coloured bunny
Who is writing this shit cuz she thinks its funny.
She loves korean pop,japanese rock,rap,dancin',takin'photos,and I could continue with a lot
But leave this,before I tell u somethin’ like why the fire is hot.
U don’t wanna listen to it,do u?
Then go on,with her Kikyou.
She loves that 30 Seconds To Mars called band like a psycho
Ok it was cruel but it's the truth
Sometimes I get jealous and I could exterminate a forest full of wood
No hate,I'm a nature lover child yo okay?
Yes let's keep on reading this,while u could do somethin' with ur life,or no way?
K,leave it,I'm gonna tell u their meetin' story
So once the little Zaki went to a grade school,11 years before
She was cryin',and said "No,I don't want to",but her mum tried to ignore
She left Zaki's hand with a smile and said:"You'll be alright,don't worry.Go in,and introduce yourself to them."
Zaki wiped the tears from her eyes,and went in,"Okay,I'll try to smile then"
She thought and introduced herself with a delirious heart inside,what was about to jump out from her little body
After she sat down and felt all alone and lost,two kind face showed up before her suddenly
It was Kiki and her friend,Lexi
As the time passed Zaki became with each day happier,finding two friends,she thought it can't be
She felt so lucky,those two really are true friends to her
So they became BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.。 ◕‿◕。

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